Saturday, July 26, 2008

Daily Cartoon

Larry and I have each committed to drawing a cartoon a day. They are very quick things. Mine are mostly simple stick figures, which is about all my hands can manage sustainably. I love stick figures. I never thought I could draw really pleasing ones, but I like mine. I feel a great longing in my soul being satisfied now that I draw one almost every day.


  1. Larry sounds like my husband sometimes does when he's working! I love the dancing cartoon - awesome!

  2. These are great. :)

  3. Uh-oh, did Larry's ax bounce back and hit him in the face?

    Those are some great toons! And I do say that with all seriousness. There are in fact some cartoonists that elevate stick figures to new levels of artistry. You probably know about xkcd already... but you should also check out a strip by my pal Mac L. Pirata called Ted & Zed.

    (P.S. Is this the Nissa we knew from high school?)

  4. AHHHHHH that is sooooooo funny! the sad thing is that i can actually see larry saying that. oh well thats ok it gave a good laugh!



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