Monday, October 6, 2008



  1. Congratulations! Going down backwards is challenging under the best of circumstances...

  2. !! mom and i are very proud of you, and wish we had a picture of you going backwards down the stairs.

    - love, averi and suzanne

  3. Fantastic! Thanks for leaving me a comment; I'm so glad to discover your blog and our various intersections. Your cartoons are wonderful.

  4. Thanks to all. Ave, good to see your name popping up here. The picture I really wanted was me upstairs, maybe one triumphant at the top and one resting in the guest bed. Going down would have been very hard to get, as Larry had to help all the way. Maybe if you visit you can snap one.

    Thanks, Beth, for checking out my blog; we do have a lot of intersections. I'm encouraged by your blog because you write about many subjects, which goes against the standard advice, and which I also intend to do.

  5. What wonderful news - I am doing a little jig of joy to celebrate! :)

  6. Priscilla, I love this. I love your picture stories. You're making it easy for me to learn to love you.

    I want to learn to make picture stories too, some time. Right now I'm swamped with learning to read bus signs, and washing machine controls, and online banking software installation installation instructions, and text messages from my cell phone service, in Chinese.


  7. Thanks Baraka! (Rickshaw Diaries)

    Ah, but Jim, that is all such good material. My advice: skip learning how and just start doing it: a one-minute stick figure every day. It's addictive. (Online banking in Chinese sounds scary.)

  8. Hello, Priscilla.
    This is wonderful news!
    I am hoping that this will become less and less of a rarity.

    I am happy for you.

    btw, I have a picture I took for you that I will send. I was working for P&G for awhile, mainly near the perfume tanks. It smells really nice there, but there's a big tank of hydrochloric acid over there, too, and some railcars full of caustic chemicals. Not sure why perfumes need such caustic chemicals; but I'm no chemist (unless it comes to brewing, in which case, I am well-versed in chemistry).
    Anyway, there's one perfume called 'Deception,' and I thought this was funny. Who would have thought that deception comes in a huge tank? Is this the place where all of the deceived can place blame?
    It says something about society, with these people naming a perfume 'Deception.' Whatever it's saying, it's not very flattering.
    But then, I suppose it's better than naming a perfume 'I Farted!'

    Warm regards,

  9. Thanks, PT. At the moment my jaunt upstairs feels like a happy fluke, but I'm also hoping it will become less rare. Even a couple times a year would be nice. BTW, the picture sounds like just my kind of thing.

  10. Very touching writing & drawings.
    Hope all your journeys are successful - by your standards.

  11. I'm so happy for you! Maybe next time you make the trip you can get the picture. I hope things continue to improve for you.


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