Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008, or there abouts

The artist at work on a failing cartoon:

A failure transformed:

Sisters/living cartoons:

Photographs copyright 2008 my big little sister.


  1. Is that a quilt that you got in Indonesia? Yes a very superficial comment but I was trying to remember what I did with mine and there yours is in the background!

  2. I never thought of turning a scribbled-out cartoon into a gag in itself. Well done!

    And is that Amy? I haven't seen her in a long while!

  3. meh.... these photos, on a sarah silverman whismical scale... 5.5/10. the sweaters are much too practical. 70's style aqua-marine sparkle eyeshadow is also a glaring omission.

  4. Never mind... just saw the Facebook pics. I don't think I ever met Sarah.

  5. Great pictures. Almost made me wish I had siblings. Almost. :)


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