Monday, February 9, 2009

Recent Leavings

I've been feeling in a cartoon slump recently. Writing too. That's when the commitment to a daily cartoon is particularly useful, if a little annoying. Just grab a bit of scrap paper and put something down.

And sometimes I kinda like what happens:

The commitment is rather solemn in our house, and I feel guilty when I forget.

But sometimes it is just too much for one of us.

Last Night

ME: You're not going to draw a cartoon?


ME: [Silence]

LARRY: I'm too tired.

ME: okay...

LARRY: I'm not giving up on it or anything; I'm just going to bed.

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  1. i've always been into illustrators, cartoonists, for precisely the reasons you indicate. people who can abstract out the specifics, push them aside...and amplify the signals, the meanings...yes. those stand out to me. it's a relief to see expressions that lack confusion or obscurity. i've collected the works of cartoonists for years.'s been extremely nice to learn of your drawings. the are quite lovable, expressive, rich with meaning.

    priscilla: awarded not one...but stars.


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