Friday, March 27, 2009


After a sabbatical of some months I have decided to revive my blog on the Baha'i Faith (Baha'i the Way). I am going back into it, though, accompanied by many question marks. I have always wanted it to be something more than, "blah blah blah Baha'i; blah blah blah," which I think was a bit of a risk for me as an ex-Baha'i. When I first started, the answer to that desire was to write as well as I could. Of course, I mean to continue that. But now I think I am also going to be bringing more of my own theology into it too. At least, that seems to be what is happening. The piece I've just put up may be of interest even to the Baha'i-ignorant. I've written a call-and-response sort of thing using a commonly recited passage from the Baha'i writings as the structure. It is entitled Blessed.

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