Monday, April 6, 2009

I live a very exciting life.

In addition to winter, spring, summer, and fall, we have, in Vermont, mud season. In early spring the dirt roads, which have been frozen for several months, thaw on the surface. Deeper ice prevents the water from draining, though, with this result:

Click on the images to see the full glory. This isn't the worst, just what's near our house.

The ride is hard on my body, and if the mud is bad enough we will take an alternative route to maximize pavement. Still, I love mud season. It is an annual adventure.

Moving from mud to muddled… I got in the shower Saturday wearing my regular sneakers. After about a minute my feet started to feel very odd indeed. I always wear shoes when standing, even in the shower. But I have special water shoes for that purpose. They look like full-blown sneakers, only they have mesh sides and waterproof fabric. Saturday I was thinking of something else. I slipped my clothes off and my New Balance sneakers back on. Then I stepped into the warm stream. Shortly afterwards, significant squawking ensued.

From the nature department...This morning a woodpecker is banging on our chimney cap. He is ready for action. I hope he gets it.

And I am quite certain, now, that the small brown bat hanging from the clapboards by the front door is dead. I feel a little sad about that. Bats aren't doing so well. Hopefully, a couple will take up residence here this summer. I like to lie on the couch in the evening and watch them flit and feed in the gloaming.

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