Thursday, June 4, 2009

Gardening, Larry-and-Priscilla Style

1. Designate a patch of land "Garden." (Or acquire one so designated.)
2. Adore whatever comes up.

Guaranteed satisfaction.

We sometimes plant things too. This is our sunflower patch:

Those little things with four leaves (surrounded by dirt) are the sunflower plants. They aren't big, but we love them anyway. Pray for them; they are struggling for life against the odds, especially inadequate sun. Actually, they are about twice as big as last year's plants.

We are very proud of our one blooming lupine:

We take the same approach with the lawn:

Maybe I'll write a self-help book—"Let the Lawn Go: Living an Unmanicured Life." It will be about loving all that is bedraggled and substandard in your life.

You know, a lot of what people call weeds are just wildflowers unrecognized.


  1. :-) Now this is a method of gardening I think I could take on.

  2. Write the book! My lifestyle needs a label -- "unmanicured" captures it quite nicely.

  3. Beautiful stuff, Priscilla. Thanks for continually reminding me of what's real. This suburban kid is actually using his lawnmower less that ever before and looking for ways to do even less. I'll always remember Larry's question: "Who would ever want to MAKE PLANTS SHORTER?"

  4. your garden looks a lot like mine...presently miraculously green after a long drought
    sometimes i'm just so amazed that anything will grow at all that i just stand back and wonder at it all

  5. I have no idea how I got to your blog!
    But un-manicured is the life I leave. I actually nurture my weeds, just because they look more lively and resilient than the flowers I plant.
    Plus, the wild animals of every king always find something to eat in our northern jungle.

  6. Unkempt souls speak up!

    Welcome, India and Olga. Olga: your northern jungle sounds like just my kind of place. I'm guessing you came here via Katya's blog, as I saw an Olga commenting there.

    India: I checked out your blog; your work is lovely: writing, markmaking, living.


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