Monday, July 13, 2009



  1. oh i hope you can get some rest this week; have priscilla dreams, where the images are rendered in the style of your lovely drawings.

    i've insomnia-steeped for years. it can be sort of fun for half a night, liberating in a way. "i'm not supposed to be up at this time! it's like i've won bonus hours! woo hoo!" but then the fatigue creeps inward. grogginess ensues.

    i usually get up and stare at striped socks. it's not an insomnia cure, but it's better than staring at unstriped socks. scientists have proven this.

  2. Ugh. I totally know that feeling. And, yes, my eyes get wild like that, too. LOL.

  3. Just wanted to drop a line to tell you that I LOVE your blog!!! :) You're inspiring and funny :)


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