Monday, September 21, 2009

For your auditory pleasure...

One of my basic survival resources is BBC radio.  There is nothing in the US to compare.  So let me just take a moment here to thank the people of Great Britain for funding such excellent listening.  Maybe in return we can do something other than get you into needless wars.  For anybody homebound, housebound, or with otherwise available ears, I highly recommend it.  All accessible over the web.  Shows stay up as streaming audio for a week after broadcast.  If you are tech savvy, like my Larry, you can record them as MP3 files and listen anytime.  I listen mostly to Radio 4.  I especially like the Afternoon Plays.  Sometimes the stories get into my cartoons.


  1. Yay for the BBC :)
    Us Britons are quite fond of it too

  2. I'm checking it out now - it's wonderful.

    Here's some more international radio - mainly from NZ, because that's what i know:


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