Monday, November 2, 2009

Bye-bye October

In the flesh (as opposed to with Sharpie on paper) I went for realism this Halloween: I played a sick person.  I think it was quite convincing.  I’m a good actor.  My costume was very easy—I just stayed in my pajamas all day.

I had a cold a few weeks ago, and it seems to have precipitated a significant setback.  So, October has been a tad difficult.  November probably will be too.  I’m trying to roll with it.  This strange new possibility that I have an infection which may be treatable has been helping, even if all the new information is also wearing me out.


  1. I truly hope you feel better soon. And even more better in the not to distant future. I have been following the information on the chronic fatigue syndrome-virus link. it does help produce optimism. There is also some (remote at this point) possibility it may be linked to Autism spectrum disorders. Amazing things they are finding out - with the potential to help so many people.

  2. Wow I wore the same costume as you this year! Next year I'm planning to go as an antiretroviral. Or a bunny rabbit.


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