Sunday, November 22, 2009

When was the last time I wore...what is it called?

March 18, 2009.

L: Last week when I was sitting in the doctor’s office waiting for the doctor I looked at Woman’s Day. It’s so bizarre! There was this article about this stuff that women have for thickening their eyelashes. There’s this special little brush and you brush it on to those few little hairs on your eyelids, and it thickens them. It makes them stand out more.

P: Uh...are you...talking about... mascara?

L: Is that what it’s called? Mascara?

P: Uh...yeah.

L: So, what do you call the stuff that women put on their eyelids to, like, darken them?

P: Um...that’s called um...why can’t I think of the name right now?... Eyeshadow! It’s called eyeshadow.

L: Wow. Mascara and eyeshadow.

About a week later sitting in a highway rest area...

L: Oo, that woman that just walked by—I saw it—she had mascara on!

I guess that puts a lower limit on how long it has been since I wore makeup: We've been married fourteen years.


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