Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Existential Stick


  1. Somewhere in this mix also belongs the question: "how can I inspire so much tenderness and affection, even after having been disassembled into digits and beamed across space and reassembled into pixels?"

  2. not having an answer to these questions: it's the quintessential struggle an existentialist goes through. you're trapped in the "absurd" contradiction.

    my favorite essay to read when these questions strike: "the myth of sisyphus" by camus. i don't necessarily agree with his conclusions (i.e. "one must imagine sisyphus happy"...what?), but I like the way he frames the sense of loss, confusion, when confronted with an ambiguous reality.

    anyway. me: loving your art here. quite wonderful.

  3. Thanks Dale.

    Thanks M. I always love to see you've stopped by. I am existentialist by inclination, but this time I was letting my cartoon figure speak its own questions. Myself? I appear to be reasonably calm on that front just now.

    Never read any Camus. I ought to try some. You do have an interesting reading life. I like it.

  4. Thanks Priscilla. I love your art.


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