Monday, December 14, 2009

Fund the Research

The XMRV and other research of the Whittemore Peterson Institute is creating the possibility of radical change for lots of people like me.   There really needs to be substantial, well-administered funding from the feds for study of XMRV and of the neuroimmune disease now absurdly called "chronic fatigue syndrome".  So far that isn't happening.  So, friends, family, passersby: Donate if you can!


I know, I know, XMRV has not been proven yet to cause disease, and my cartoon kinda assumes it does.  That's cartooning; reality must be simplified.


  1. Your cartoons are great! I especially like "Available Treatment Options Are Inadequate." I'm just sending in my blood today for XMRV testing, after suffering with CFS/ME for 23 years. I needed a laugh today, and your cartoon gave it to me, even though it's sad too. I hope we'll have some new, effective treatments soon.

  2. I really like that cartoon.

    A while back I wrote a song about somebody living with ME/CFS. My band recorded it, and we let an ME advocacy site use it for donations. Now that site is down, and I'd love to offer the song to Whittemore Peterson for the same purpose. We're not set up to take donations, though, and they are awfully hard to reach.

  3. Hi cinderkeys - i definately think you should approach the WPI about your song ;-)Helle

  4. I sent a few e-mails and left a few phone messages, using the contact info they gave for people with donations or donation ideas. No one ever got back to me. And that was before the big XMRV study. I imagine they're even busier now; not sure how to get through.

  5. Looking again ... could I post this cartoon on my own blog? You would of course get credit/linkback. :)

  6. Aaaaand, I just read your sidebar note granting permission for noncommercial purposes. Cool. :)


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