Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Rerun: I, Anagram

(This is a short little re-post from the earliest days of this blog.  Most of my readers won't have seen it.  Any interesting anagrams for your name?)
Crap is ill; that’s me, and I craps ill, or at least I used to.  G, I am nil ill scrap, in my fullness; and I limp in slag, Carl.   Larry says he doesn’t want to know who Carl is. I say he’s my back-door man.  Poor Carl.  Well, we don’t have a back door anyway, and Carl is merely four rearranged letters out of fifteen.

But I really am a small, ailing crip. That discovery made my day. I just had to share it.

1 comment:

  1. Heave Tomb Rocks
    Coke Mob Harvest
    Beer Vat Smock Ho
    Broke Vest Mocha

    (I still think you're turning "gangsta" with Small Ailing Crip and I Craps Ill.) ;D


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