Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Haven't managed to scrape together a post yet for this week...

Maybe later today, maybe not.  My recent cartoons have been lame, and I've been feeling a little pissy toward my writing.  I'll get over it.

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  1. Watch out... MONSTER ALLERT!

    You're knocking yourself down... what's going on?
    YOU think your recent cartoons are lame, not us.
    And define "lame" — does it mean "not satisfying enough" or "not exciting enough" or... ?

    You see, I would be totally interested, if you're feeling lame and pissy, to see a cartoon depiction of this and maybe read a short paragraph. Because we all have our "feeling lame" moments and I think it's time we played with them instead of letting them block and blah us. After all, the Monsters also need love... and maybe they have something for us to see or hear or feel.

    Of course, you DO realize I am indirectly talking to myself, here, eh? ;-)

    Mudd a.k.a. AbracadOza


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