Friday, August 27, 2010

Sweet Vindication: NIH/FDA Study Confirms Retroviral Infection (XMRV and MLV-related) in CFS

I took a quick break from my blogging break for this one . . .

Monday was a heady, exhausting day, with the long-awaited NIH/FDA study coming out mid-afternoon.  I cartooned all afternoon in my head, then managed to get this one out on Tuesday:  [click on image to enlarge]

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, blogs of my fellow invalids were notably quiet, with a few putting up a notice of the new article and apologies for being flattened beyond saying more. 


  1. The hell with "gently." :)

    A little more hopeful now, yes.

  2. So does that mean they can use Vaseline? :)

  3. Thomas: that a reference to an advertisement or something? It's lost on me. Haven't seen a lot of ads in the last 20 years.

  4. I'm really glad to hear this. I'm not even going to try to understand the study, but I can see why you'd be thrilled. The only thing worse than being sick is being sick and having people suspect you're making it all up: so evidence that there's really something wrong would be sweet vindication indeed!

  5. Yay this is great news, slowly we are on the road to proper recognition off our condition- no more intimations of pyschiatric problems, no more 'just go for a walk, walking is great, just get up and walk' and maybe some proper research into treatment or dare I even whisper .. a cure?Shhhhh!
    Hope you are well, best wishes from the UK x

  6. That was in reference to the denialists. ;)

  7. where do those with M E diagnosis get tested for xmrv?

    and $ 25,000 for a stem cell transplant with Dr. Cheney ?


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