Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dear Mr. Francis Collins

Here’s the cartoon I faxed to Francis Collins, Director of the NIH, as part of the Time for Action campaign to get public officials serious about ME/CFS:

(Click once on each image to view larger.)

Based on the response, the organizers deemed the campaign a rapid success and called it off, asking everyone to send one final Thank You.  

I may draw those cartoons yet, though; this is just the beginning.

A bonus for me was discovering faxing cartoons as an accessible form of activism!


  1. These are great. I would love to get a faxed cartoon from you every day. Please start an activism project against me! (And I don't mean ME.)

  2. These cartoons are wonderful! Thank you so much for drawing them. Although the organizers of the original campaign called it off, I haven't. I've started another: ACT NOW-EMAIL NOW! See:,2869.0.html Here are the people I am currently emailing (and faxing and telephoning):
    bc to:

    Patricia Carter

  3. Great cartoons. I'm not sure I agree with thanking them yet though. All they have done is listened to us. They work for us that's what they are supposed to do.
    Now actually do something substantial besides just listening. We have been listened to before but without action it is nothing but kind smiles and a listening ear.

  4. Dear All: Thanks for the rapid comments!

    Anonymous and Patricia: I'm ready to thank them for the beginning, but I agree we need some real action now. I'm thinking myself about what the next best moves are. I think maybe building media coverage and congressional support for funding. I hope to post more on both points. With such limited energy as I (we) have I'm trying to look for impact, and I don't think we're going to get what we want by pursuing one front with gusto and neglecting the others. I also think there is room for diverse approaches, so I'm grateful to everyone who is putting their will into the effort in the best way they see.


    I know that if I was receiving loads of emails I would change my email as well. So I checked the site and sure enough they have changed their emails.

    Please keep this url handy and check each day you post to be sure they have not changed it.

  6. Love this!

    If you have more cartoons, I'm sure Dr. Collins wouldn't mind seeing them. I know I wouldn't!

    Thanks.... Great work!

  7. love them!!!! great work. thank YOU : )

  8. Could you send the top one to under contact us they have letters to editor. Pdf for submissions. I just wrote letter to editor after seeing latimes reprint.


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