Friday, November 19, 2010

My Charm Is Now for Sale

I imagined much happy, self-generated fanfare accompanying the opening of my little print-on-demand store, including some clever cartoon to announce its existence.  But, the effort to get the thing up and running has squashed me.  And though I think I could shop all day in my own incredibly cute little store if I had the energy, I’m also getting desperate to return to other occupations.  So, now that I have shrunk my expectations down to what I’ve actually already achieved, and thereby moved the finish line to within easy reach, I’m simply collapsing across it.  Open for business:

I hope to have an XMRV design out soon for fundraising for the Whittemore Peterson Institute.  I’ll announce that here when it happens.

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  1. Dear Priscilla, just to let you know... it looks as if your link to store isn't working (the link on this page works but it takes me to a new page and the link on that page doesn't work). I also noticed that the link was spelt or perhaps that was deliberate or maybe it's the reason it won't work, or perhaps it's work in progress.. but thought I should mention it. Please feel free to delete this comment when you've read it! I would have sent you an email but I can't see a link for that anymore, and I'm too tired to keep looking...
    Best wishes and thanks for making me smile, Stephanie


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