Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Thank You Dr. Mangan

When I tell people I’ve been faxing cartoons to Francis Collins, Director of the NIH, they usually ask, “Have you gotten any reply?  How do you know they're getting through?”  And I say, “I just send them off, I don’t know if they're getting there!”  But, some weeks ago I got an e-mail reply to one of my cartoons —from Dr. Mangan, Chair of the Trans-NIH ME/CFS Research Working Group.  It was a substantive little email emphasizing that our concerns are not being ignored and that the Working Group is focusing on getting money to researchers outside NIH.  Good goal.  So, here’s my reply to Dr. Mangan.

But first, a few vocabulary terms and orientation points:  (1) The CFS-SEP is the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Special Emphasis Panel, a group of researchers who review grant applications.  (2) The CFS-SEP has been for some years populated with individuals with no relevant experience—especially dentistry kind of folks.  You can read more about it here. (3) An FOA is a Funding Opportunity Announcement — an invitation to researchers to submit competitive proposals for federal funding.

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  1. Wonderful Priscilla. Thanks for this!

    We may need an FOA. But we also need them to fund the WPI. Andrea Whittemore-Goad said that WPI has submitted 10 proposals and have been funded for none of them.

  2. Good Girl! Good work!!!

  3. Brilliant, Priscilla! Thanks for doing this!

  4. So good to see that little, powerless, feeble, sick Priscilla (for those of you who don't know me, that's a joke. Priscilla, you are ANYTHING BUT little and powerless.) is having an impact!! That really must have made your day getting that reply from NIH! or your week, or your month....


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