Monday, February 14, 2011


Among the zillion things I miss from my healthier days is the rhythm of alternating activity and stillness, social engagement and solitude, work and rest.  I don’t long for stillness and quiet like I used to; I’ve had an awful lot of both in the last two decades.  But I miss that longing, if you can imagine what I mean, and the satisfying of it.  Paradoxically, I can be rather busy in my nonfunctionality: busy in my head, busy trying to do things, busy responding to the demands of my body.  None of it is the free action that I want, but it is a certain kind of preoccupation.  Sometimes I still manage, despite my hunger for more, to allow less.  And I'm always amazed by how happy it makes me. It’s good to just look out the window at trees and sky, to dream, to listen to music and to silence, and to rest my mind—which certainly gets weary.


  1. Beautiful! It is amazing at what now can keep us busy and content.

    I love the scripture reference!

    God Bless You!


  2. I know exactly what you mean. I finally decided that it was okay to spend time on my bed in my bedroom during the day (instead of on my couch in the living room). I was afraid I would feel more like a sick person there. Instead, I notice the sweet view out my window in the afternoons and it fills my heart with calm and expansiveness. Instead of feeling like an invalid, I feel more alive and at rest.


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