Monday, March 7, 2011

On My Way? (First Publication)

I haven’t been posting much writing on Heaven in My Foot for some time (boo hoo), but I have a good excuse (yay!)—always a great comfort in this life of desires and demands.  I’ve been writing for print.  And guess what?  My first publication came in the mail last week and should now be available at more complete newsstands.  Titled “Wine for Those Who Faint,” the piece was about 6 years in the making and appears in the current issue of Image (issue 68).  It’s a personal narrative of intertwined illness and faith framed by reading Leviticus, the book of the Hebrew Bible which lays out ritual law for the priests of ancient Israel, including the instructions for animal sacrifice.  The narrative of my illness covers up to about 9 years ago. 

Image is a journal of literature, art, and faith—“Beauty will save the world” is their refrain.  I’ve been reading it for a couple of years and have learned from experience to expect something that astonishes me in every issue.  I favor the poetry, creative nonfiction, and publisher-and-editor Gregory Wolfe’s regular essays.  Before reading Image I thought contemporary religious poetry was limited to pietistic doggerel; I’ve been happily corrected.  Image also produces a biweekly free newsletter on the arts and faith and does a bunch of other wonderful things that you can learn about on their website.

As I love it so, I will send a free copy of Image (issue 68 with my essay) to the first two inquirers who want to become acquainted with this great journal.  Just send me an e-mail and we’ll take it from there.  It can also be purchased at some bookstores (if they carry Image), and on the Image website here.

I have two other essays that will be published, so I hear, in books this year.  Taken all together, these developments give me the unfamiliar feeling of being on my way.  Where to remains unknown.


  1. Priscilla,

    That is so wonderful! Congratulations to you. I am so happy that you have found a place to write and grow.

    Many blessings to you today and always,


    Is it sold at stores? It sounds interesting.

  2. I found you through the essay in Image. Your readers on this blog might appreciate a link to the website, so they can order a copy. I've been
    a subscriber for 11 years. Here is the link to order the issue with your essay--$12:

    J. A. Frazer Crocker, Jr.

  3. Priscilla, what a sweet moment for you. Many blessings as your writing spreads out into the world and touches many hearts. I do want to add — Wherever you're going, you're already there; you're just becoming more who you are which was/is entirely enough and which is beautiful.

  4. Image is indeed available at many bookstores and full-service news stands. (For Chicago folks... I bought my copy at the Main-Chicago news stand in Evanston.)

  5. Fantastic Priscilla! Well done! I understand the sustained effort required for achievements like this and I know how sweet they are...mmmmmm!

  6. Thank you, all.

    Welcome, Mr. Crocker! Thanks for giving that link. There was one in my post, but perhaps I didn't make the purchasing opportunity clear enough. I hope my changes are sufficient.

    Dear Meg: I'm mostly playing with the idea of being on my way. The feeling is amusing precisely because it contradicts the mental orientation I cultivate. Here is where it's at. I'm a faithful convert to that doctrine. So, not to worry.

    Best to all,

  7. And on an unrelated note ...

    I've tagged you in a brand new shiny meme. The challenge is to tell your origin story. Every superhero has an origin story; why not the rest of us?

    There's no time limit. If you feel like participating, see details here: Feel free to recycle stuff you've already posted in part or in full.


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